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This is PREMIUM "Other approved software", and satisfies the need for ACCA Manual S results
PROPERLY and quickly when ICC code requires compliance.
With only 2.3% average calculation error because of many less opportunities for human error, 
it is currently accepted and trusted even by "strict" building officials.

Infrared Thermography

While conducting mold/water damage assessments in the New Orleans metro area, it became quite obvious to me that there will be many unresolved Mold problems for years.

This is why Infrared Thermography is a natural in New Orleans!

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IR Photos!

Locate Building Mistakes

Ductwork Air Leakage

Moisture management

Electrical Failure Prediction

Fun Stuff!

Check back often for new photos, this section was started 6/1/2006
All new photos will be from the New Orleans area to show
Infrared Thermography helping our recovery from Katrina.

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