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This is PREMIUM "Other approved software", and satisfies the need for ACCA Manual S results
PROPERLY and quickly when ICC code requires compliance.
With only 2.3% average calculation error because of many less opportunities for human error, 
it is currently accepted and trusted even by "strict" building officials.

flood line IR20060419_0062.jpg (6578 bytes) The bottom two feet of this home were flooded by Katrina.
                                                    Photo taken six months after the storm.

kR20060505_0167.jpg (5431 bytes) Taken at same time as above photo, this New Orleans home is not dry                                                      enough yet for new insulation and sheetrock!

roofleak.jpg (437720 bytes)

Roof leak running down wall from a flat roof above.

l wet carpet.jpg (16480 bytes)

l rain.jpg (51958 bytes)

l rain2.jpg (40659 bytes)

rain3.jpg (53290 bytes)

moisture.jpg (75909 bytes)    moisture2.jpg (63505 bytes)wet.jpg (76662 bytes) moist IR20060416_0027.bmp (76854 bytes)
                                                                               Wet spot under brand new roof!

moist kR20060426_0114.jpg (3479 bytes)     wet KR20060717_0411.bmp (76854 bytes)

wet KR20060721_0419.bmp (76854 bytes)      wet KR20060810_0477.bmp (76854 bytes)