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Most common and uncommon) things look strange in
Most common and uncommon) things look strange in

chicken KR20060605_0269.bmp (76854 bytes)    fun IR20060415_0010.bmp (76854 bytes)

Chickens on a window unit        Bridge over canal behind my house.

fun IR20060415_0013.bmp (76854 bytes)    fun IR20060415_0014.bmp (76854 bytes)

Ducks on the canal                   Nutria on the canal ( Nutria??)

fun IR20060415_0015.bmp (76854 bytes)    fun IR20060415_0018.bmp (76854 bytes)

Nutria IN the canal                         My dog Manchac!
(it IS New Orleans you know!)

fun IR20060423_0083.bmp (76854 bytes)    fun kR20060427_0135.jpg (9179 bytes)

Downtown infrared night                     Downtown infrared day

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