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Before an UPGRADE, you need to check your installed programs list in your PC ("Control Panel" or "Settings"), and UNINSTALL any existing items for Off-the-Charts. Download and run any new trial release, before requesting an update key. It will not affect your existing saved job data files.

(If your program is a version older than v15.85, then we are very concerned and above all else, want you to have an accurate product.
Upgrade in this case to the current version would be FREE of charge!)

If your PRIMARY LICENSE version is v15.85 or newer, and has been activated over one year, then an upgraded permanent PRIMARY LICENSE will cost $50. (click PayPal link at bottom of this page) 

Then download the newest trial installer from HERE  and simply send us a written request for update at , and we will send the replacement activation link for the SAME pc I.D. and owner already on file.



At any time, for $50 per computer, paid once per year, you may purchase LICENSE COPIES for additional company computers, with the same PRIMARY LICENSE holder's program version, name and email. LICENSE COPIES will EXPIRE without re-purchase of an annual replacement key. We will ONLY need the computer I.D.#'s for each computer a copy is purchased. You will receive a link to an installer file for each PC under the PRIMARY LICENSE Owner.

Click this PayPal button to process this for EACH computer, and we will send you activation links:


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