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If you are a small or mid-sized company, you may not be able to offer some technical services to your customers or employees. KR Services PERSONALLY handles these services for you. (NOTE: these do not include running solo service calls or installation services. and normally are only provided on weekends.)

Computerized heat load calculations, equipment matching, and duct sizing required by ICC codes.

Home and building IAQ problems review. Resolve those clients with problems of high humidity, mildew, high utility costs.

KR Services has 29 years of HVAC/R contracting knowledge to draw upon.    

Technical Backup for equipment with problems

Solve those repeat customer troubles that will eventually "eat your lunch". You'll never go back to those "tech support" voice-mail banks again.

Custom services to satisfy planned jobs

Those high tech demands like Controls or Duct Design don't necessarily mean you can't take the job.


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