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Off-the-Charts is unavailable until further notice.

If you have a copy,
do not use it after January 1st, 2023.

I have always clearly stated, that OTC's very existence was to exploit AHRI's consistent testing standards. The program algorithms are based on that 75+ years lab test standard for unitary equipment.

A current Federal agency has created rules, severely changing that testing process on Jan. 1st, 2023. (I personally believe the scale of it, can not tangibly even be accomplished by AHRI.) 

Nevertheless, their changes will severely invalidate the OTC results.

Since circumstances beyond my control changed, I can not and will not refund any purchases made of Off-the-Charts, unless paid product key was never delivered.


With a reasonable effort of my very limited resources, I will still research, and attempt to adjust Off-the-Charts to a moving target. I am not optimistic, considering the task took 3 years with a fixed target to create the first release's 5% error. But miracles do happen, only by grace of almighty God." (Or an angel investor)


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