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This is PREMIUM "Other approved software", and satisfies the need for ACCA Manual S results
PROPERLY and quickly when ICC code requires compliance.
With only 2.3% average calculation error because of many less opportunities for human error, 
it is currently accepted and trusted even by "strict" building officials.

Using Off-the-Charts independently with Elite's Rhvac Residential HVAC Loads program (update v.9.01.220)
(See disclaimer below)

OTC blends in quite nicely to the workflow of Elite's Rhvac. which we believe is a good product. It has many useful features which compliment the simplicity of OTC.

This is because Rhvac includes streamlined access to the AHRI ratings of almost EVERY brand of residential equipment made! They have searchable databases, which can be filtered to instantly find all possible equipment match-ups, that you know will satisfy the ranges stated on your OTC system page, thereby guaranteeing an "OK" on the results!

You will also know when there is NO AHRI match-up that even exists for the conditions you (or the client) are trying to satisfy. This gives you quick ability to try designing a different layout (zoning, reducing number of systems, changing heat or furnace types, etc.), before making the mistake of installing a disaster job!

We have compiled a sample step by step instruction sheet for this "side-by-side" use of the two programs for your convenience. Click here to download it



Elite Software Development, Inc., does not approve, recommend, endorse, nor validate the results of the use of Off-the-Charts Off-the-Charts is not affiliated with Elite Software Development, Inc. in any kind of relationship whatsoever, either fiscally or otherwise.

Off-the-Charts is not liable, or endorse/guarantee the accuracy, of Elite Software Development, INC. products.