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College Instructors and Professors of HVAC:

An educator's - only - version was created for school use only. (Some parts of the contractor's trial version are blacked out here, to nullify official use.)

It was well received at the 2019 HVAC Excellence NHETC in Las Vegas this spring, and was offered there to any educator free of charge.

It was designed for a less stressful and more critical thinking approach to ACCA's method. It is as compliant to their guidelines as possible, but focused on the true intent and use of this final step of the HVAC design circle.

It can be downloaded here, for completely unrestricted use, copying, sharing, except for the fact it will self-terminate on Jan 1st each year.

Then, if you wish to continue enjoying the ease of student interest and engagement, you simply email me to request your annual renewal, with your school credentials. NONE of your contact information will be released.

Even the first use has absolutely no strings attached, since I have no way of knowing WHO is even using it at first.

Click here to download.

It DOES require Microsoft Excel to run, and also has been permanently cleared by Malwarebytes for safety. (Feel free to contact them, they have great customer service!)

(Also for your training use, here is the actual PPT that I presented at the conference:
Alternate Method to satisfy ACCA Manual S Compliance

I will NEVER charge a college for this.
Have fun teaching this, without the usual confused-puppy looks from students!

And there's more fun coming!

Kenneth Ripberger, Professor.
(Retired) Dept. Chair for HVAC studies
Delgado Community College,
New Orleans

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